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Get the Philosophy of the Ikarian Diet From the only Qualified Expert

The Ikarian Diet is known globally as a lifestyle that began centuries ago on the island of Ikaria, in Greece, which is famous for the long life expectancy of its citizens. In 2020, Dr Peppas reinvented this traditional diet and formed a contemporary version of the Ikarian Diet which can be applied across borders internationally, anywhere in the world. This diet promotes weight loss, produces high energy levels, builds a strong immune system and increases life longevity.

Personalised Meal Plans

Our dedicated team of accomplished dieticians and experts are the driving forces behind the success of our community. The team is actively involved in your progress, observing your improvements, and assisting you with setting new goals each month. All meal plans are curated according to your needs and preferences, and are further adjusted every few weeks as you make progress reach milestones Learn more..

Grocery Shopping List

We offer the solution to the ultimate food shopping dilemma. Avoid temptations and the overwhelming feeling of not knowing what to get during a trip to the store. Our custom meal planning and laid out shopping lists streamlines your supermarket experience as you will now be provided with the exact ingredients necessary to fix your meals; reducing both food waste and doing away with any buyer's panic.

Schedule an Online Zoom Call Appointment with Our Team of Dieticians

If you are in need of extra one-on-one advice and information, you can set-up a live consultation with a dietician via a zoom call on the app. This option is not included in the basic plan, but with premium, you can schedule an appointment with a certified professional and they will handle all your queries.

Your Personal Meal Plan Recipes

We provide easy instructions for both options of flavorful easy-to-make recipes and more advanced ones curated by renowned chefs and Michelin masters of gastronomy - all tailored specifically to your personalized meal plan. With these recipes created and tested by our in-house team of collaborating professional chefs and nutritionists, we can guarantee that your healthy eating experience will be delicious and far from bland!Learn more..

Family and Couple's Plan Sync

We realize that it can be difficult for someone to stay on track with their diet when their family or significant other's eating habits are different. Synchronize the meal plans of your household so that one dietary plan benefits all!

Food Diary

Take photographs of your meals and upload it on the app to document your food journey - even when you are unable to follow your meal plan! Keeping a diary of your meals and experience will help us construct an improved suited plan for you. The best plate of the week will be chosen from these photographs and have the chance to win select prizes.

(Coming Soon!)Get Restaurant and Food Delivery Recommendations

We offer a range of various delivery and restaurant recommendations both for those who enjoy a quiet night in and for those who prefer dining out. These suggestions are available in whichever city you are in - or location your travel may to, you won't have to risk ruining your diet even when you go on holiday abroad!

Connect Apple Health App

You can connect Apple Health to your Ikarian Diet Clinics so that we can synchronize your workout routine, taking into consideration the calories burnt, with a meal plan tailored to your needs.

Track Your Water Intake

The significance of water consumption in your diet should not be overlooked. It is incredibly important for your health to stay hydrated throughout the day. With the water intake tracking feature that's built into the app, we will help you achieve the goal of drinking a set amount of water per day. You will also receive notification alerts reminding you to drink water so that you don't forget!

Nutrition and COVID-19

Our health and wellness are inextricably linked to the effects of the current flu pandemic. While we have been confronted with an unprecedented crisis which experts across the globe are working ceaselessly to try resolve, we can as individuals take steps to protect ourselves and maintain our health against the threat of COVID-19. This begins with fortifying our immune system through dietary choices. Our Ikarian Diet Clinic Meal Plans provides the nutrition required to achieve this goal. These meals are packed with the vital vitamins (A, C, D) and polyphenols, amongst many others, that play key roles in assisting the body to achieve a healthy constitution that is equipped to defend itself against foreign threats.

We will be here for support and we strive to keep you healthy during this pandemic and after it.

Save The Planet

Our planet is currently in a dire state and urgently needs our attention. This requires us to take control and adopt a conscious approach to the decisions made concerning our diet habits. In doing so, we can tackle both issues, our personal wellness and the health of our environment, simultaneously. We only have to gain from shifting our methods and bad habits. How do we go about achieving this? We need to begin by considering our water usage, using less agricultural land, reducing greenhouse emissions, and being more considerate of animals.

Chat with Our Dieticians at Anytime, Anywhere

Our growing team of hardworking dieticians and experts are constantly available and at the reach of your fingertips through our featured chat platform . They are readily at your disposal for tips, questions, or concerns you may have, and are there to offer any support

–5 kg in 3 weeks This app is like the best thing that has happened to my health. I was shocked how my cravings were gone after only a couple of days and not wanting to eat between meals really helped. Losing 5kg in only 3 weeks is fantastic, but the best part is the health improvement.